About DJ SkuTech

SkuTech started loving the electronic music scene in the mid to late 90s, when she worked on an underground magazine called Step Up in Phoenix, Arizona as a photographer and music reviewer. Thanks to the influence of her numerous dj friends, she started working on a vast vinyl collection.

After moving to San Diego with one turntable and a mixer, she was finally coerced into buying that second table and moving past house party dj to playing out and about for years. As one of the co-founders of Vinyl Elements, SkuTech helped throw multi-genre and live art parties that heads are still talking about.

SkuTech has been djing since 1991 and is known to throw down a wide array of music. You may hear anything from underground hip hop, house, Baltimore beats, dnb, breaks, reggae, dub, downtempo, funk, 80s… who knows. No matter what style of music she is playing, you are bound to see some booties shaking on the dance floor when she is up.