Sundaze at the Fire Garden feat. Lady Lush!

Enjoy an amazing day of friends and family at the Fire Garden! Music by the Lady Lush djs Red Sonya, SkuTech, Sarah Cranberry, Macoe and Genisis!


Friday, December 16, 2011 – Sunday, Dec 18th, 2011, Native Alien and Lady Lush Versus bring you “VSagittarius,” a December birthday fiesta and holiday party at the Rancho Agua Caliente hotel and hot springs resort! Join Native Alien and friends as we celebrate the birthdays of Lady Lush DJs Red Sonya and DJ Skutech, as well as Sagittarius Ladies, Jenergy & Sowelu.

The Spider’s Lair featuring Lady Lush

Gather one and all to the vortex, the sacred ground that has bonded your souls. Fire Garden Events invites you to enter:
“The Spiders Lair” Saturday, October 22nd- Sunday, October 23rd.

The Spider’s Lair 2010

The weekend before Halloween, October 23rd – 24th –> Tony and Lucy invite you to indulge your darkest demons and enter The Fire Garden as we present to you “The Spiders Lair” <-- Pre Halloween Weekend Bash!

Spring Growing Wild 2010

Tony and Lucy, Red Sonya and Chris Gardener invite you to The Fire Garden for.. Spring Growing Wild 2010… Spring is the season of growth, renewal, and the start of better times. Join us for a weekend long adventure at this annual event where we invite you to Grow Wild with us and connect with new and old friends in music, dance and performance.

The Spider’s Lair 2009

Lady Lush returns to Tony & Lucy’s for their annual Halloween event. There is tons of entertainment lined up including dance music provided by Lady Lush and Bramble Republic, and live performances from Zirk Ubu Visionary Circus Collective, Soul Voice Dance, and Sarah Cranberry, plus fire dancers and much more !

Spring Growing Wild 2009

Lady Lush is proud to host the DJ Lineup Saturday night, Memorial Day Weekend @ Tony & Lucy’s! Come get down with us ladies, Camp out, and rock out again with the boys on Sunday!!!

Vagittarius : Lady Lush Birthday Party

Saturday, December 6th, the 8th Annual Red Sonya vs. Skutech birthday party is coming to the Ruby Room! Save the date!

Lady Lush @ AC Lounge : October 2008

Lady Lush hosts another monthly event @ The Air Conditioned Lounge! This month’s lineup is a hot one! Wednesday, October 22nd, Get down to the sounds of Skutech, Red Sonya, Meesh & Le Roux!

The Spider’s Lair @ Tony and Lucy’s – Halloween

Join us Halloween weekend for “The Spider’s Lair” @ Tony & Lucy’s, Saturday, November 1st & Sunday, November 2nd! Check the comments for more info!! You don’t want to miss this one!